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Home Organization - 8 Myths Stopping You From Getting Organized

Identifying the true barrier that is blocking you from achieving home organization is key to conquering clutter. The only thing that is stopping you, is yourself. It's not family members, it's not having enough money and it's not because you don't necessarily have the home organization know-how. Read these 8 common myths, so that you are aware of what is preventing you from moving forward to a life that makes you happier, less stressed and a more productive person.

MYTH #1: Home Organization Must be Done in a DayHome organization begins with small steps

TRUTH: Home organization is a continuous process. You create organizational systems, you maintain those processes continuously and you revise with new organizational solutions when new situations or stuff in your home requires it. The home organization process isn't one that you do one day and then stop tomorrow. It's an ongoing task and will take some time over several weeks, even months to achieve.

MYTH #2: Home Organization Must be Done Like She Does

TRUTH: Your home organization solutions must be unique and customized to work for you---not your friends, next door neighbours or those talented professional organizers you see on television. There is absolutely no harm in watching other peoples home organization ideas. Maybe one or two will work for you and your family. But realize that not all of them will perfectly work for you. Do what you are capable of doing yourself. We may not all be able to build custom shelves in our homes, nor can we all afford to pay for someone to build them for us. Prefabricated products may work just as well and maybe the perfect solution for you.

MYTH #3: Home Organization Must Apply to "Everything" in your Home & Life

TRUTH: Pick and prioritize only a few areas on how home organization is going to help you improve your life. Maybe you find that you are more often than not late for work because you can't find your keys. Or maybe you seem to get charged large late fees for paying misplaced bills late. Start by finding home organization techniques that help solve the problems that cost you money and create stress in your life the most. If you are fine with your books lying But if you like your books placed randomly on your bookshelves and it doesn't cause you stress or loss of time in life, then don't organize the bookcase. Home organization reaps the most rewards when it's applied to areas that will simplify your life, solve a problem or perhaps save you time.

MYTH #4: You Don't Think You Don't Have the Home Organization Know-how

TRUTH: A few people do seem to have a natural inclination towards home organization; however, it's a skill that can be learned as well. Get home organization ideas by becoming aware of other people's organizing methods, read home organization books, watch home organization television shows and search on the web for websites like this one for great home organization tips. Then take a few of these home organization ideas and techniques that you think will work best in helping you with your situation. Sometimes hiring a professional organizer for a little bit of consultation or to organize specific areaas in your home, may give you the kick start that you need.

MYTH #5: Home Organization Must be Done Perfectly Throughout Your Home

TRUTH: Perfectionism wastes time. Organizing saves time. These two concepts may seem like they contradict themselves. Yes, if you have decided you need to buy containers or bins, you will want some stylish ones that match your home decor and do what they are suppose to do. However, draw the line at trying to find the perfect organization product for your home organization project. Decide that at some point say this product or this home organization system should work and that's it. The intent is not to have your home look like a photo shoot page out of a home decor magazine. Remember your home organization system does not have to be the ultimate solution to every organizing dilemma associated with that section of your home.

MYTH #6: If Your Home Organization System Doesn't Work, You are an Organizational Failure

TRUTH: If you realize that your new home organization solution or process doesn't work for you, come to terms with the fact that it just doesn't work. Give yourself permission to abandon it. Remove "failure" from your vocabulary. Simply move on and try another home organization technique, as there are plenty of them and one will be sure to work for you.

MYTH #7: You Can't Have an Organized Home because Family Members Won't Cooperate in your Home Organization Processes

TRUTH: Maybe they will, maybe they won't. You can't control what others may or may not do. However, that's no reason for you to not begin home organization and streamline processes that will help you find the things you need to find, save time and decrease stress in YOUR life. Stop being concerned about organizing other people and organize areas in your home and your life that will help you first. After you've Later, you can try some strategies to get your family members to buy-in on home organization processes in your shared home.

MYTH #8: Home Organization Costs Lots of Money

TRUTH: Sure, there are a ton of great home organization gadgets, containers, cabinets, shelves and more on the market that can help simplify getting organized (and even make it more fun sometimes). Some home organization items are quite inexpensive. Other home organization items create a pricey, extravagant look. But not having any money will never stand in the way of getting organized at home because it's not a necessity to getting it done. You can be creative and improvise by using items in your home right now. Alternatively, you can buy some ready-made home organization accessories when you know what exactly the type of products you need.

The decision to start home organization or not to start depends entirely upon you. Your salary or spending level doesn't determine the answer. Nor do any of the other myths that were slashed in this page. Remember, there is only one obstacle preventing you from getting organized and that's you. Therefore move out of your own way if you want to get organized at home and get started organizing right away.

Read on to see how home organizing can work for you and save you a ton of money!

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