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Professional Organizer - Why You Need One!

Year after year, you continue to have the same unrealized New Year's resolutions and numerous failed attempts to get organized on your own.  You set out with good intentions, but for some reason or another, you are unable even get started.

Now it's time to get some professional help.  Just like getting a personal trainer to help you with a fitness program or a life coach who can help you achieve your goals, a professional organizer can help you achieve your organizing goals more easier and more efficiently.

A professional organizer can help you pay your bills ontime.

A professional organizer can help you with creating order out of chaos.  They envision and implement systems that are customized specifically to your needs, whether it's for your home or office, helping you find things easier and faster.  Just like any coach, they will help you get the job done faster.  A professional organizer will keep you motivated to help you reach your goal, being supportive and keeping you focused on the final result - an organized, clutter free home or office.  And above all hiring a professional organizer helps you lift your energy and makes the task much more fun.

Many people hire a professional organizer if they work a lot of hours, don't have the time to organize, have troubles getting rid of things or setting up a system of organization that they can follow.   Other reasons for hiring a professional organizer are related to life changes which can be stressful such as:

  • Selling a home
  • Creating a new business
  • Expanding your existing business 
  • Marriage - combining two households
  • New baby
  • Estate sales and planning

Do you Need to Hire a Professional Organizer?

If you relate to any or all of the items below, you would benefit greatly from having some help from a professional organizer:

  • You have endless amounts of paper that you don't know what to do with and you can't find what you are looking for.
  • You can't find important information in your home or office.
  • It takes you more than three rings to find your phone
  • You have so much stuff that you don't have the room to store any more.
  • Every morning is a big challenge for you and your family to get ready for the day and out the door.
  • The space that you have is not efficient and you need help in making the most out of what you have.
  • You are so overwhelmed because the mess is out of control, you really want to get organized and see value in it, but don't know where to start.
  • You are constantly stressed because you spend too much time trying to find things.
  • You are often late for appointment
  • Everything piles up faster than you can keep up with them.
  • You often pay late fees, costing you to waste unnecessary money.

Common Reasons for Delaying to Hire a Professional Organizer

There are many reasons why you might delay hiring a professional organizer, such as:

  • "I don't think I can afford it"
  • "I don't want a stranger in my home"
  • "I can't have anyone over, my house is such a mess and I'm embarrassed for anyone to see it".

If money is stopping you in hiring a professional organizer, then consider a couple of thoughts:

  • How many cumulative hours, day after day, have you spent looking for things you can't find?
  • How much psychological pain is causing you to live in a cluttered space?

Once you evaluate it, you will find that you will reap the rewards of getting huge return on your investment in terms of time and a much improved quality of life, which often is priceless in itself.

As for letting a stranger come in to your home, a reputable professional organizer is insured and bonded, which should ease any worries you may have.  Be sure to check the organizer's references, credentials and talk to people who have hired that person in the past.

Finally, an experienced professional organizer has seen it all and nothing scares them, so don't worry that your house is too messy for them - that's their job! There is a pretty good chance that they've seen one that is worse.

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